More Than Bread Devotional for 5/17/12

Better is a dry morsel with quiet
than a house full of feastingwith strife. – Proverbs 17:1

There is real value sometimes in silence.  But I have found that a lot of people are simply uncomfortable with silence, especially silence amongst a group of people.  We have a household with three kids, so there isn’t a lot of quiet around here most of the time; and I think it goes without saying that there can be some strife from time to time.  The contrast in the food available in the proverb reminds us that peace among family and friends is far more valuable that anything that money can buy.  It doesn’t matter what you can buy, if you can’t enjoy it in love with your family and it doesn’t matter what you can’t buy if you have that already.  Be blessed as Jesus has promised.  Blessed are the peacemakers.  May you find peace (and quiet) in your home today and every day.



About jeofurry

Husband, father, pastor, musician and who knows what else. Just living to love the Lord will all my heart, soul and might.
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