More Than Bread Devotional for 1/30/12

23 So the saying spread abroad among the brothers that this disciple was not to die; yet Jesus did not say to him that he was not to die, but, “If it is my will that he remain until I come, what is that to you?”  – John 21:23

This verse always strikes me as an interesting one.  The Gospel narrative is quick to point out that a group of folks had taken what Jesus said about this disciple (presumably John) and misunderstood it.  Jesus didn’t say that he wouldn’t die; He actually said something more akin to “you don’t get to know that for sure.”  But “you don’t get to know that for sure” isn’t a comfortable answer for us most of the time.  We want to KNOW more than we want to trust.  But we are called to trust.  Resist the urge to fill in the gaps with more than what God has revealed.


About jeofurry

Husband, father, pastor, musician and who knows what else. Just living to love the Lord will all my heart, soul and might.
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