More Than Bread Devotional for 1/24/12

6 Seek the LORD and live,
lest he break out like fire in the house of Joseph,
and it devour, with none to quench it for Bethel,
7 O you who turn justice to wormwood
and cast down righteousness to the earth!  – Amos 5:6-7

The writer of Hebrews reminds us that our God is a consuming fire.  He is quoting from elsewhere in Scripture when He says this, but I can’t help but wonder if we take the time to consider this truth often enough.  God is patient and merciful and willing to extend grace to all who seek Him, but He has a limit of tolerance for those who abuse this mercy and seek to just do their own thing.  Injustice, an unforgiving heart and stubbornness among other things will lead to God’s fire breaking out in our lives and in our house.  Much better to seek the Lord and live.


About jeofurry

Husband, father, pastor, musician and who knows what else. Just living to love the Lord will all my heart, soul and might.
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